Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Release Day for Menage-a-Dare!

Hello everyone! I'm wicked excited to share the news that my next Ellora's Cave contemporary erotic romance releases Wednesday May 7, 2014! That's this Wednesday.

For those who may be more familiar with my six book series titled Ink and Kink, my new series Sexcapades, all of which can be identified with Dare in the title were launched with the release of Hazard's Dare, Ellora's Cave Moderne. In Hazard's story, readers were introduced to Dare, Nevada, once a former Wild West ghost town rescued from extinction by a group of investors who turned into a mini-mecca for the rich and famous to play without the risk of discovery by the media or paparazzi.

It is now my pleasure to introduce you to three characters whom you may have met before in a secondary role, Evelyn Stratham, from Cuff Master and Hazard's Dare, ghost hunter Remy Sinclair, also from Cuff Master and the enigmatic and incredibly sexy bisexual businessman with a secret, Jaxon Wynter! 

For more information on any of the books mentioned on this blog post, visit my website http://www.francesstockton.com and click on my bookshelf!

Author's Note: This story is one of sensual discovery with BDSM elements. I highly recommend anyone considering the lifestyle to get informed before engaging in it. Menage-a-Dare also features two bisexual men who become as committed to each other as they do to Eve.

Here's a glimpse of Menage-a-Dare! 

Here's a sneak peak at the first meeting between Eve, Remy and Jaxon!
“Eve! Remy,” Avery called out in a rush, disrupting their kiss by plowing into the two of them and wrapping them both up in a bear hug that would do the Maddox brothers proud.
“Whoa, Avery, careful with your knee. I need that part, know what I’m saying?” Remy muttered, laughing when he and Eve drew apart.
“Sorry, Remy, god I’ve missed you guys,” Avery replied, backing up to assess them as only a mother hen or best friend could. “It’s true isn’t it? You and my best friend are a thing, a couple.”
“A couple, yes, a thing, no,” Eve pointed out, laughing happily.
Avery waved her hand in the air expressively. “You guys hungry?”
“Starving,” Remy answered, sounding distracted all of a sudden. His hand tightened on Eve’s, a warning, an acknowledgment, she couldn’t say, all she knew was that something was about to happen.
Turning her head, she discovered why her man had become mute. Another man who wasn’t nearly as big as Remy but equally imposing came strolling up to them as if everything he surveyed belonged to him. The cut of his charcoal-gray slacks, pale-gray shirt and dark vest was impeccable, probably expensive.
At once, Eve was certain the man with the straight, shoulder-length white-blond and dyed black-streaked hair was Jaxon Wynter. To say his hair was beautiful was an understatement—it was gorgeous, different. The added touch of red bleeding down from his widow’s peak made him resemble a vampire.
But it was more than his hair that caught Eve’s attention. He was handsome as sin with a strong chin, a straight nose and a mouth that made her pussy tingle. For a heartbeat she thought the Norse gods had sent him to earth to play with mere mortals.
Wow, she wouldn’t mind playing with him. He had charisma in spades. Everyone in the lobby stopped what they were doing to stare at him. It didn’t matter if they were men or women, they all looked and Eve couldn’t do anything more than stare back.
It was Avery’s frantic waving that broke the strange force-field that seemed to take hold of Eve and Remy. Blinking rapidly, Eve tried to speak but Remy shook his head, for a moment acting as if he’d seen a ghost, which was really ironic considering his profession.
“Jax, come meet my friends,” Avery urged excitedly.
Something told Eve that if Jaxon Wynter didn’t want to rush something, he wouldn’t. He was making a statement. His walk was as engaging as the look he sent Eve and Remy.
Remy felt it too. She knew it by the tug of his hand on hers, the intake of his breath that was utterly male and utterly taken by the other man.