Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Big News: Hazard's Dare Available Now!

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I'm excited, can you tell? Excited because today is the day. Hazard's Dare, Ellora's Cave Moderne, is Available Now from Ellora's Cave. In coming days, it'll be available through other venues such as, B&, ARe, Sony and Kobo. As they come available on those sites, I'll be sure to post the links.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share a little about Hazard, Avery, and the books that came before their HEA. After witnessing his parents rocky marriage end in divorce and experiencing his own failed marriage to an unfaithful wife, Trevor Hazard Osbourne, pro linebacker for the Alexandria Griffins, has gone rogue. He doesn't commit, but he's more than willing to take on temporary lovers. Avery, the classic good girl whose father is a former US Senator from Kentucky and brother represents athletes like Hazard, has always felt average. It isn't until she rekindles a brief acquaintance with Hazard that she discovers her inner bad girl.

While the two are falling in love, a new cast of characters are introduced, many who will have hot, erotic, HEAs of their own. Though you'll have the chance to run into men like the Maddox brothers, the spotlight is really on Hazard, Avery, the residents of Dare, Nevada, along with Avery's brother, Alexander Grant and his husband, Dr. Ryan Hathaway from Playing Doctor. If you haven't read Playing Doctor, it would be very helpful to understand how Avery and Hazard met.

And, don't miss out on other books featuring members of the Alexandria Griffins, Quarterback Blitz and Field of Play. Follow my author link at Ellora's Cave or check out my website for links to all these books, or

As for Hazard's Dare, follow the scope icon for an excerpt, along with a blurb to whet your appetite:

Hazard’s Dare

Frances Stockton


Hazard, talented linebacker for the Alexandria Griffins, is known for hard hits, record-breaking sacks, fast living and engaging in unconventional relationships. During a week off from football, he travels to Dare, Nevada, for some R and R and to hook up with a hot woman or two.

When Avery, his agent’s sister, walks into the club wearing a wicked red dress, he’s not immune to her delectable charms. After several tequila shots, Avery invites him to her hotel room for a week of hot sex with no promise of commitment, and he gladly accepts.

Of course they don’t expect their brief sexcapade to quickly turn into love—nor are they aware that someone dangerous has been stalking Avery’s family for years. Someone who’s about to strike. When Avery disappears, Hazard might lose the best thing he’s ever had. But not without a fight.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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