Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Hunks

Okay, I'm sure you all are aware of the abundance of hot, hunky men being shared on FB, Twitter and social media in general. Today I thought I'd start a Friday trend on my blog. Since it's hot outside, and it's Friday, it'll be even sweeter.

And, rather than just post photos, I thought I'd ask readers what they like in a hot hero. What defines hotness for you? Is it ripped abs. torn jeans, a little hair on their chests, no hair at all, kindness, humility or charm? Any answer will do, of course. Also in honor of Friday Hunks, I thought I'd ask who your top five hot celebrities are.

Mine? That's easy, and while the list can vary from time to time, these hot gentleman feature in my hunk list often.
Rick Mora
Christian Bale
Viggo Mortensen
Shemar Moore (Yes, I added a nice picture of Shemar and he's today's Friday Hunk)
Hugh Jackman

Now, tell me your top 5 and I'll check them out. Next Friday I'll find a new photo and a new hunk to share!
Until then,



  1. Oh, yes, Shemar Moore most definitely on the list. *fans self*

    Personally I like a guy with a little chest hair (no gorillas though).
    Long legs that look good in slim fitting, faded jeans.
    A little stubble on the chin or rugged appearance.
    Hair that defies a comb. (see 1st name on list)
    full lips that cry out to be nibbled on.

    My list:
    Joe Flanigan
    Hugh Jackman
    Pierce Brosnan
    Colin Farrell
    Shemar Moore

  2. I love Gabriel Macht from Suits. His character is pretty obnoxious and arrogant, though. Not my type of personality. But I do like smart, capable men in suits. I also like Matt Bomer in White Collar. And Christian Kane from Leverage. Noah Wyle (Falling Skies.) And Shemar Moore. Yeah, I watch a lot of TV shows.

    I also like blue collar guys in jeans, too. Some chest hair is fine. Nice eyes and smile. Kindness and a sense of humor, too.