Friday, April 3, 2015

UnMAsKed Unleashed! My first Indie Title!

Greetings! I know, I know, I've been quiet. I assure you, for good reason. I'm not going to go into detail about my publisher, Ellora's Cave. Let's suffice it to say that I'm still writing, still here, just kinda watching what plays out, you know? I also appreciate the readers who have bought and read my books through EC, I am as proud of those books today as I was when I'd written them, truly.

That said, upon reflection, I decided to take my books in a different, more mainstream direction. While the content is hot, some books will not be AS HOT as EC's, nor considered erotic or Romantica or erotic romance. I have been a huge fan of Romantic Suspense for a long time and decided to give it a try. That's how UnMAsKed began!

Having been born and raised in a county north of Baltimore, spending summer vacations at the beach in Ocean City, or going 'down the shore', created memories for me and my family, and we still enjoy the boardwalk, Thrasher's, Fisher's Popcorn, fudge, ice cream, the boardwalk, the rides, the haunted house, there was the one on The Pier, Morbid Manor it was called when I was a kid, and the haunted house on the boardwalk that you went through in motorized 'coffins'. What I remember most? A woman's hands coming out of a toilet! LOL, true, but to get to the point, Ocean City, Maryland became the setting of my new Romantic Suspense series titled Major Crimes Unit. UnMAsKed is book 1.

UnMAsKed introduces readers to a small task force of detectives, vice and homicide, crime scene investigators, and the thrills and chills of mainstream romantic suspense. This book starts off with rookie homicide detective Faith Oliver, who, after a breakup, needed a change and moved to Ocean City, MD to start over, sexologist Dr. Kane Welbourne, who becomes her adviser on all things kinky and sexy and fetish-related, and Faith's partner-in-solving crime, Detective Toryn Spencer, set to have his story told in Book 2! Stay tuned.

Better yet, UnMAsKed set at an AWESOME price, only $2.99 for a full length novel! I hope you will give it a chance, this is my first self-pub/indie release and I am wicked excited. It's available at all major vendors, Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Apple iBooks, and a new-to-me 'rental' service called Scribd!

Here are all relevant links:

Thank you so much for giving UnMAsKed a chance! Before I go, let me give you a little teaser!

Major Crimes Unit: Book One
After a broken engagement, rookie detective Faith Oliver is given a new start in Ocean City, a beach resort near Maryland’s Eastern Shore. When her first case involves the murder of a man associated with a mysterious fetish club known as MAsK, Faith turns to renowned sexologist, Dr. Kane Welbourne for help in understanding a dark lifestyle she’s only read about in sexy romance books.
At first, she finds Kane arrogant but handsome as sin, and nearly impossible to resist. But when another victim dies and Kane’s life is threatened, she must unravel a web of lies while guarding her heart. Once the killer is revealed, will it be too late to believe in happily ever after? 

This story contains the hot detectives and crime scene investigators of the MCU, Faith’s sex-doctor boyfriend, BDSM elements, including between the hero and heroine, and the thrills and chills of mainstream romantic suspense.

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