Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Meet Switch Master's Detective Samantha Riley

Greetings and Happy Holidays. At this time of year, when folks are rushing here and there and traffic is at a crawl, it's always good to take time out for yourselves. Of course, one of those ways could involve reading a good book, whether it's print or on your Kindle/Nook/Tablet.

Now, I'm the first to admit I love the smell of a print book, mass market, category, hardcover, trade paperback, whatever, they all a book, know what I mean? But that doesn't mean I don't totally support ebooks and in that vein, I'm hoping maybe you'll take time out of your busy schedule and give Detective Samantha Riley and her Dominant hero, Taran Maddox, a try! On Friday, in honor of Switch Master's release from Ellora's Cave Taboo, I'll be hosting a contest that involves nothing more strenuous than reading my blog OR Facebook posts.

If you're not following me yet on FB, I have both an Author Page and a regular FB page and I do tend to post a lot of hot guy pictures and fun memes and status updates. The author page tends to be more promotional, but information for all my books will be on BOTH. That said, please note that my website is under reconstruction, something that is badly needed and I'm very excited about. When the site is done and goes live again, I'll host a big contest featuring a really great prize. More on that another day.

Back to the subject at hand, or should I say, heroine at hand? Detective Samantha Riley, a tall, sexy blonde with a kickass attitude she's developed to make certain her fellow detectives and members of the BPD take her seriously.

As a detective on the Missing Persons and Cold Case Homicide Unit of the BPD (purely a product of an author's imagination), along with her partner in fighting crime Detective Ethan Maddox, Sam has become friends with all of the Maddox brothers, Taran included, but Taran, is somehow different.

Not only is he younger by nearly a decade, he is a Dominant with a fetish for bondage, something that scares her not because Taran is mean or abusive, but because of a heartbreaking past that, alas, I can't elaborate on here because I'm hoping you'll read Switch Master to find out everything she had to go through as a teenager!

Taran is also the single most gorgeous man Samantha has ever had the fortune to meet. Once she spies him naked, there's no turning back for her, she is caught and accepts Taran's challenge to enter his dark sensual world of BDSM, munches, ropes and a sex life that scorches more than the bedroom, it scorches her soul.

For more information on Switch Master, Ellora's Cave Taboo, Book 6 in the Ink and Kink series, visit the following link!

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