Monday, December 9, 2013

Switch Master: Taran Maddox

Meet Taran Maddox!
Hero of Switch Master, coming December 13, 2013, from Ellora's Cave Taboo!

Taran, the youngest of three Bostonian brothers, Southie born and raised, is only months away from his thirtieth birthday, a Leo, a Dominant, and recently passed the Bar, becoming an attorney-at-law who concentrates on family and civil litigation. Additionally, he's recently opened up his own firm located in the office space above the family-owned tattoo shop known as Maddox Ink, the ink and body art shop he also manages on behalf of his brothers, Phalen and Ethan.

To those unfamiliar with Taran, it would help to read both Ink Master and Cuff Master, each available in ebook and print (Ethan's story, Cuff Master, to be available in print just before the New Year!)

But since I realize not everyone has read the previous books, I thought it'd be fun to introduce you to Taran and Taran alone. Here's a rundown on everything Taran!

Of the Maddox brothers, Taran is the one with the most ink work. Not afraid of a little pain, he craves the bite of a tattoo needle and is willing to undergo body piercing. His ink features everything from Celtic bands and tribal tattoos to a justice scale. He is, of course, gorgeous, ripped and incredibly tall, which is perfect for a six foot tall heroine like Samantha.

Taran is athletic by nature, his sport of choice is lacrosse, but few realize that he is also wickedly intelligent, was the captain of his high school debate team and excelled in academics. A graduate of Boston College, he is proud of being an Eagle and passed the Bar exam on the first try.

As previously stated, Taran is a sexual Dominant and until he met Detective Samantha Riley, has never, ever thought about or entertained switching or submitting to a lover. Active in the BDSM lifestyle and a member of a club located in Danvers, Massachusetts, he attends monthly munches to further understand the culture and Shibari rope bondage. While he is a D, he is more B&D than S&M. His mission when taking a woman into his dungeon is her erotic pleasure above everything else.

One thing he would always tell someone new to the lifestyle, if you're going to engage in bondage or discipline, get educated, attend munches, join a community of like-minded individuals and learn every single thing you can before engaging in any aspect of BDSM.

Now I could give you more details into the mindset of Taran Maddox. But if I gave it all away, it wouldn't be fair to the readers. Don't forget, Switch Master, releases this coming Friday! December 13, 2013! Just in time for Christmas. Middle brother's book, Cuff Master, comes out in print soon after!

For details about Switch Master, here's a direct link!
And a teaser!

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