Monday, August 27, 2012

Cuff Master is Available at ARe!

Hello again!
In coming weeks, look for some updates to my website. There's an old blog that will be removed and links to this one will be prominent. Updates, news, reviews, buy links, and contest announcements will be made on my blog and it'll be easy to follow the links.

As the subject heading indicates, Cuff Master, Ellora's Cave Taboo, is now available at All Romance Ebooks!

The ghost story contest continues and I've received a few stories so far and would love to have more. Leave your story before August 31st to win a digital copy of a book from my backlist. Don't be shy!

Thank you also to those who complimented the new look on the blog. The feedback is very helpful.

Have a great day. As soon as Cuff Master is available on Amazon and B&N, all information will be added to my website and here on my blog.

Until next time,

Friday, August 24, 2012

Blogging Fun and Contest News

As a personal goal, I'm making an effort to blog more regularly and get word out regarding not only new releases, reviews and such, but also about writing, craft, interviews, etc.

As part of that fun, I'm also experimenting with blog designs and backgrounds. As someone who is techno-challenged, please forgive the changing landscape as I make some changes and play.

For now, this post will be short, as I'm hosting a contest until the end of the month, August 31! Anyone who visits my blog and tells me a ghost story (in honor of Morgan Everhart, heroine of Cuff Master) will have their name added to a drawing for a digital copy of a book from my backlist. There are a number of places to find out which books are on the list, but for convenience, here's a quick look:
Playing Doctor, a spicy M/M erotic romance featuring sports agent Alexander Grant and Dr. Ryan Hathaway.
Ink Master, a BDSM M/F erotic romance starring Phalen Maddox (who was introduced in Quarterback Blitz and appeared again in Field of Play) and submissive but confident heroine Cassie Williams, the owner of a bookstore-diner in Salem, MA.
Field of Play, a M/F contemporary erotic romance involving wide receiver Dallas McKay, who's searching for his biological parents and hires PI Grace Daniels to help. Grace never expects the biggest case of her professional life to turn into a HEA with the tall, dark, athletic and handsom, Dallas.
Quarterback Blitz, an Older Woman/Younger Man contemporary erotic romance involving team mascot Anna James and red hot QB Kyran Black!

Historical Paranormal: The Panthera
Seductive Persuasion, Garrick Forrester, Earl of Danford, meets his match in feisty healer, Aisley, whom he knows is his Fated mate and must claim before it's too late.
Rhiannon's Pride, Reniassance artist Dante is young and only recently come into manhood, but that doesn't stop him from recognizing his mate, Rhiannon. However, when he discovers she's seriously ill, he must first heal her before he can claim the woman he loves.
Sea Captain's Ghost, can Captain Adriano Montoya win the heart of his mate, Jocelyn, and destroy the man whom he blames for the deaths of his mother and first wife? Or will he allow love to conquer his hatred once and for all?
Arrington's Claim, arrogant, dominant and seemingly unreachable, Nicholas, Duke of Arrington, is everything Miss. Regan Saunders should avoid, much less fall in love with. As his title makes him far beyond her station as a lady's companion, she also secretly harbors the wish to become a doctor, something forbidden for a lady to desire. But Nicholas will have his heroine no matter what.

For details of all my books visit:

Thank you for reading and visiting. Come back soon, and don't be afraid to tell me a ghost story or two!

Frances Stockton

Frances Stockton: Cuff Master is Available Now!

Frances Stockton: Cuff Master is Available Now!: Hello everyone, I'm so very excited. Can you tell? Why, you might ask? Because Cuff Master is now available from Ellora's Cave Ta...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cuff Master is Available Now!

Hello everyone,
I'm so very excited. Can you tell? Why, you might ask? Because Cuff Master is now available from Ellora's Cave Taboo.

Here's a quick link to Cuff Master on Ellora's Cave's New Release page:

I also have a blurb and an excerpt to share to whet your appetite! Be advised that Cuff Master is a Taboo with paranormal/supernatural elements and features a couple engaging in a D/s lifestyle. While there's bondage, light discipline, there is never abuse or physical harm to another person in this story or any story that I write featuring BDSM.

It is my hope that you'll give Detective Ethan Maddox and his shy psychic, Morgan Everhart, a chance and love them as much as I do.

Detective Ethan Maddox and psychic Morgan Everhart are on the cusp of a relationship, if she can forgive him for doubting her abilities when they first met. A Master with a fetish for handcuffs, he recognizes Morgan is a submissive who needs a patient man to guide her safely into the D/s lifestyle. He is determined to claim her.
Inviting her for a moonlit walk, Ethan kisses Morgan and her seduction begins, until a teenaged ghost interrupts. Ethan is skeptical of the supernatural, but if he doesn’t open his mind he may never collar the woman he loves.
As they work together to solve a cold case, Ethan introduces Morgan to the very dark, seductive world of sex, submission, bondage and dungeons. All the while, danger is growing. If Ethan doesn’t find a young girl’s killer soon, all could be lost.
Reader Advisory: Morgan’s sexual awakening includes watching a scorching-hot brief scene of male/male lust, with Ethan by her side.

An excerpt:

If you'd like to read the excerpt, please follow the link. For reasons my techno-klutz personality can't figure out just yet, the blurb kept posting awkwardly. It's a PG-13 excerpt, just an FYI, and I hope you'll like it. In coming days, Cuff Master will be availabe via Amazon, B&N, ARe and various other vendors. I'll post links as they come to me.

In honor of Cuff Master's release, I'm holding a contest which will last until August 31! Leave a comment on this blog that features your favorite ghost story. Everyone has the chance to win a digital copy of a book on my backlist, which you can find if you check out my author page on Ellora's Cave's website. Thanks for playing and don't forget to leave an email address so that I can contact you if your name is drawn for the contest.

Thank you everyone. Celebrating for the rest of the day!