Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Important News! Ellora's Cave Publishing

Good morning everyone! I've important news to share with readers. As you may know from previous blog posts (not my own), social media, and various other forums, my former publisher, Ellora's Cave Publishing has announced they will be closing at the end of December 2016. Fortunately, I'd received notification a couple of weeks ago that all of my remaining titles (I'd previously received 5) would revert to me as of October 12, 2016! While I am relieved and excited about the opportunity to re-release every title, and more that were planned but never came to be due to the stress and circumstances beyond my control since 2014, I am also very saddened by this news. I've never wished ill will toward anyone at EC, ever. In all honesty, I am grateful to the staff, editors, cover designers, and Jaid Black for creating a venue for authors to write as hot as they wanted and not feel ashamed or hide. Along the way, I've been fortunate to meet the most amazing, incredible authors, my editor, cover artists, models, and readers at RomantiCon and RT conventions, and lately, Wild Wicked Weekend. They were a blast! With thanks to Facebook and Twitter, etc, those relationships have continued, and I will be at WWW, which is always a fun time.

Currently on my to-be-released schedule is Pride, The Abcynians Book II, and the second of my Brandt's Dozen series, featuring Kristian Rodriquez. Soon after, I will begin revising, revamping, and in some cases re-titling, all of the books previously published by EC, the first of which will be Quarterback Blitz. While characters will remain the same, I intend to update the books so that they're more current, for example phones/technology/computers/social media, and the series formerly known as 'Ink and Kink', that included 6 titles, will be divided into two different series, the Alexandria Griffins and Maddox Ink  though characters such as Phalen Maddox or Alexander Grant will crossover. Likewise, the 'Dare' books will be reworked and re-titled, with two additional stories to complete the series! In other words, there are going to be a lot of books next year. Between the re-releases, Brandt's Dozen and The Abcynians will continue to thrive.

While I intend to write more for the Major Crimes Unit (MCU), it could be a while before a new one comes out, as I'll be a very busy writer in 2017 and 2018! Stay tuned for release dates, news, and up-to-date information. To my readers, thank YOU for standing by Kyran and Anna, Dallas and Grace, Phalen and Cassie, Alex and Ryan, Ethan and Morgan, Avery and Hazard, Taran and Samantha, Eve, Jaxon, and Remy, and a standalone, Pleasure Trove's, Callie and Maksim/Julian. They will all return in the future!

Until next time,
Frances Stockton