Friday, December 13, 2013

Release Day Contest!

TGIF everyone!

As promised, Switch Master, Ellora's Cave Taboo, is available now from both EC and I'm wicked excited about this, and, in honor of Taran and Samantha's debut, I'm holding a contest!

It's really very simple and you could win your choice of an giftcard or a back copy of any print book in my Ink and Kink series (there are 5 books in print, with the 5th set for it's print release December 30, 2013) The books in the series include, in order:
1. Quarterback Blitz, Ellora's Cave Sophisticate
2. Field of Play, Ellora's Cave Moderne
3. Ink Master, Ellora's Cave Taboo
4. Playing Doctor, Ellora's Cave Spectrum
5. Cuff Master, Ellora's Cave Taboo
6. Switch Master, Ellora's Cave Taboo (Available Now in digital format!)

How do you enter? That's the easy part, all you have to do is read the teaser I'll post right here on my blog, and tell me what Taran Maddox is doing during the scene. That's it! You can post your answer here on my blog or you can post the response on my FB pages, I say pages because I'll post both my Author Page url and my regular fun FB page url. As a matter of fact, here they are now:!/frances.stockton and/or

I also want to post direct links to Switch Master at Ellora's Cave and Amazon. There are excerpts, a blurb, details, all sorts of fun things to check out!

The second link is an excerpt! Enjoy everyone!

Again, check out the following teaser first then comment here or on FB with the answer to the all important question, what is Taran doing during the scene? Comment and you're entered. This contest will be open for a week! I'll announce the winner next Friday December 20, 2013 here and on FB.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Meet Switch Master's Detective Samantha Riley

Greetings and Happy Holidays. At this time of year, when folks are rushing here and there and traffic is at a crawl, it's always good to take time out for yourselves. Of course, one of those ways could involve reading a good book, whether it's print or on your Kindle/Nook/Tablet.

Now, I'm the first to admit I love the smell of a print book, mass market, category, hardcover, trade paperback, whatever, they all a book, know what I mean? But that doesn't mean I don't totally support ebooks and in that vein, I'm hoping maybe you'll take time out of your busy schedule and give Detective Samantha Riley and her Dominant hero, Taran Maddox, a try! On Friday, in honor of Switch Master's release from Ellora's Cave Taboo, I'll be hosting a contest that involves nothing more strenuous than reading my blog OR Facebook posts.

If you're not following me yet on FB, I have both an Author Page and a regular FB page and I do tend to post a lot of hot guy pictures and fun memes and status updates. The author page tends to be more promotional, but information for all my books will be on BOTH. That said, please note that my website is under reconstruction, something that is badly needed and I'm very excited about. When the site is done and goes live again, I'll host a big contest featuring a really great prize. More on that another day.

Back to the subject at hand, or should I say, heroine at hand? Detective Samantha Riley, a tall, sexy blonde with a kickass attitude she's developed to make certain her fellow detectives and members of the BPD take her seriously.

As a detective on the Missing Persons and Cold Case Homicide Unit of the BPD (purely a product of an author's imagination), along with her partner in fighting crime Detective Ethan Maddox, Sam has become friends with all of the Maddox brothers, Taran included, but Taran, is somehow different.

Not only is he younger by nearly a decade, he is a Dominant with a fetish for bondage, something that scares her not because Taran is mean or abusive, but because of a heartbreaking past that, alas, I can't elaborate on here because I'm hoping you'll read Switch Master to find out everything she had to go through as a teenager!

Taran is also the single most gorgeous man Samantha has ever had the fortune to meet. Once she spies him naked, there's no turning back for her, she is caught and accepts Taran's challenge to enter his dark sensual world of BDSM, munches, ropes and a sex life that scorches more than the bedroom, it scorches her soul.

For more information on Switch Master, Ellora's Cave Taboo, Book 6 in the Ink and Kink series, visit the following link!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Switch Master: Taran Maddox

Meet Taran Maddox!
Hero of Switch Master, coming December 13, 2013, from Ellora's Cave Taboo!

Taran, the youngest of three Bostonian brothers, Southie born and raised, is only months away from his thirtieth birthday, a Leo, a Dominant, and recently passed the Bar, becoming an attorney-at-law who concentrates on family and civil litigation. Additionally, he's recently opened up his own firm located in the office space above the family-owned tattoo shop known as Maddox Ink, the ink and body art shop he also manages on behalf of his brothers, Phalen and Ethan.

To those unfamiliar with Taran, it would help to read both Ink Master and Cuff Master, each available in ebook and print (Ethan's story, Cuff Master, to be available in print just before the New Year!)

But since I realize not everyone has read the previous books, I thought it'd be fun to introduce you to Taran and Taran alone. Here's a rundown on everything Taran!

Of the Maddox brothers, Taran is the one with the most ink work. Not afraid of a little pain, he craves the bite of a tattoo needle and is willing to undergo body piercing. His ink features everything from Celtic bands and tribal tattoos to a justice scale. He is, of course, gorgeous, ripped and incredibly tall, which is perfect for a six foot tall heroine like Samantha.

Taran is athletic by nature, his sport of choice is lacrosse, but few realize that he is also wickedly intelligent, was the captain of his high school debate team and excelled in academics. A graduate of Boston College, he is proud of being an Eagle and passed the Bar exam on the first try.

As previously stated, Taran is a sexual Dominant and until he met Detective Samantha Riley, has never, ever thought about or entertained switching or submitting to a lover. Active in the BDSM lifestyle and a member of a club located in Danvers, Massachusetts, he attends monthly munches to further understand the culture and Shibari rope bondage. While he is a D, he is more B&D than S&M. His mission when taking a woman into his dungeon is her erotic pleasure above everything else.

One thing he would always tell someone new to the lifestyle, if you're going to engage in bondage or discipline, get educated, attend munches, join a community of like-minded individuals and learn every single thing you can before engaging in any aspect of BDSM.

Now I could give you more details into the mindset of Taran Maddox. But if I gave it all away, it wouldn't be fair to the readers. Don't forget, Switch Master, releases this coming Friday! December 13, 2013! Just in time for Christmas. Middle brother's book, Cuff Master, comes out in print soon after!

For details about Switch Master, here's a direct link!
And a teaser!

Friday, December 6, 2013

One Week Until Switch Master's release!!

Greetings everyone!
I know it's busy this time of year. The Holidays are here, people are scrambling, hunting online for the best sales and decorating their homes in pretty, festive colors and what has become, for their families, tradition. Whether you prefer white lights or colored, twinkling or steady, simple candles in the windows or a pretty wreath on the front door, enjoy the season.

As I know it's busy, and since my website is being revamped, something that's desperately needed, I thought I'd post today and I'll post quite a bit next week with teasers and excerpts from my upcoming Ellora's Cave release, Switch Master!

That's right, Switch Master, Ellora's Cave Taboo, releases Friday December 13, 2013! I'm so excited for this book. Not only have the hero and heroine, Taran Maddox and Detective Samantha Riley, been flirting and dodging each other since Ink Master, big brother Phalen Maddox's book, came to be, it's finally their turn at HEA. But the thing is, after all this time, after the games and the reality of Samantha's painful past returns with a harsh vengeance, can they find the happiness that has eluded them both for too long?

Next week I'll share brief excerpts, teasers, if you will. Today, here's a blurb and a link for Switch Master! If you follow the little 'scope' in the corner of the cover, you can read a full excerpt, too! Even better, just before the new year, Cuff Master, middle brother Ethan Maddox's book, will be available in PRINT!

Samantha has been dodging her attraction to Taran since they met. But when she turns to him for help, the kinky fantasies she’s had about him can no longer be denied.

Master Taran is floored when Samantha comes to him of her own volition. Sensing his chance to end the cat-and-mouse game they’ve been playing for months, he tests her, convincing her to join him on a dark, sensual journey into bondage and sex. But to collar his switch, he must be willing to submit, something he’s never done for a lover.

As their relationship heats up, Samantha’s heartbreaking past returns, threatening their chance at happiness. To save her, Taran will need to be more than her Master. He’ll need to become her soft place to fall while giving her wings to fly.