Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Author Promotion: What Works, What doesn't?

Greetings everyone! Today's blog post is all about author promotion. I'm curious as to what others, authors and readers, think works and doesn't work when it comes to getting word out there about books.

At a time when ebooks are the rage, Amazon, Nook, Sony, Kobo, Apple, all have ereaders or apps available to read books on their devices. There's also still plenty of print books out there. I was in Barnes and Noble the other day, it was very busy, with kids camped out in the children's section reading, parents walking around with coffees and checking out books, the line at the checkout counter was wicked long. It was a Saturday and busy. Busy for a brick and mortar store is good, right?

So here's my question. As an author, promoting my work is essential, but at the same time, a little disconcerting. There are dozens of blogs, social networks, Yahoo!Groups, Goodreads, websites, reviews, and means to get word out. But what works best? What annoys you as a reader?

If you gravitate toward a certain blog, what draws you to it? Do you prefer newsletters, emails or other types of correspondence with authors/readers?

If you're drawn to an author based on their work, what is it about the book that sells itself to you? A sexy cover? A specific series you've started and can't get enough of. I admit it, I'm an author, and a reader. Whenever J.R. Ward comes out with another BDB book, I am at the bookstore buying up my copy! I can't put it down because I'm so invested in the series and the Brothers and have tremendous respect for her as a fellow author. Ditto goes for Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters.

Do you like reviews of an author's books? Getting one, whether from a reviewer/blogger or from a reader on Amazon or B&N or Goodreads, is a trip. I think it's important to remember that all views/opinions are subjective. Not everyone is going to 'get' the characters or the story. At the same token, getting that nice email from a reader or a review site, is wonderfully exciting.

Do you, as an author or a reader, prefer author blogs that do more than promote their own work? Personally, I love blogs that interview cover models or offer writing tips or interview someone with specific knowledge about a subject. I don't have a single solitary tattoo, but I'm drawn to books and stories with inked characters and frequently write books with tattooed heroes and heroines. A friend of mine is a tattooist so I've interviewed her in the past.

Hopefully, this blog topic doesn't seem scattered. I love being an author, love my books and characters and the sexy romantic idea of HEA. But I'd love to know what works for others. Comment here on my blog, share what draws you to an author's books and even blogs or sites you like to go to for information about upcoming books.

In upcoming weeks, I'm making a conserted push to reach out to readers and fellow authors to help understand this crazy world of publication and promotion. Answer/comment right here on my blog, and over the next 3 days, and you could win an autographed print copy of my newest trade paperback, Field of Play, Ellora's Cave Moderne!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hazard's Dare Available Now from Amazon!

Yay! Big news to share today. Hazard's Dare, Ellora's Cave Moderne, is now available from Ellora's Cave, ARe and, finally, I expect it'll be available from other venues, B&N, Sony, and Kobo soon.

Here's a direct link to Hazard's Dare on

Hazard, talented linebacker for the Alexandria Griffins, is known for hard hits, record-breaking sacks, fast living and engaging in unconventional relationships. During a week off from football, he travels to Dare, Nevada, for some R and R and to hook up with a hot woman or two.

When Avery, his agent’s sister, walks into the club wearing a wicked red dress, he’s not immune to her delectable charms. After several tequila shots, Avery invites him to her hotel room for a week of hot sex with no promise of commitment, and he gladly accepts.

Of course they don’t expect their brief sexcapade to quickly turn into love—nor are they aware that someone dangerous has been stalking Avery’s family for years. Someone who’s about to strike. When Avery disappears, Hazard might lose the best thing he’s ever had. But not without a fight.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Hazard's Dare has also received a fabulous 5 Kisses/Recommended Read from Tangie at TwoLipsReviews!
To find out more, here's a link:

I hope you'll check it out and I'd appreciate feedback, too.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Field of Play Available in Trade Paperback!

Happy Day!
It may be April Fool's Day, but this is not a prank. Very happy to let you all know that Book 2 in my Ink and Kink series, Field of Play, Ellora's Cave Moderne, is available in print from Ellora's Cave, and Barnes and Noble. Links to follow!

First, take a look at Field of Play, get to know WR Dallas McKay and PI Grace Daniels.

Book 2 in the Ink and Kink Series
When private investigator Grace Daniels agrees to help football star Dallas McKay find his birth parents, she's determined to remain professional. At least until the gorgeous athlete lands in her lap while celebrating a touchdown and delivers a panty-drenching smile. However, haunted by memories of childhood bullying, Grace is certain Dallas would never want her.
Dallas is instantly hooked when he meets Grace, and persuades her to spend a weekend with him. Finding her amazingly responsive and adventurous in and out of bed, he puts aside his commitment issues to convince her he's playing for keeps.
Together they push their sexual boundaries and fall in more than just lust. But when Grace's investigation begins, and their exes conspire to tear them apart, their new relationship will be tested. They'll have to overcome outside interference, and their personal demons, to find happily ever after.

For those unfamiliar with Dallas, the Alexandria Griffins football team, it might help to check out Quarterback Blitz, Ellora's Cave Sophisticate, and Playing Doctor, Ellora's Cave Spectrum, to learn about the football team, football players and meet characters introduced featured in the Ink and Kink series.

Ink and Kink Books in Order:
Quarterback Blitz, Available in Print and Ebook, Ellora's Cave Sophisticate
Field of Play, Available in Print and Ebook, Ellora's Cave Moderne
Ink Master, Available in Ebook, Ellora's Cave Taboo
Playing Doctor, Available in Ebook and Print, Ellora's Cave Spectrum
Cuff Master, Available in Ebook, Ellora's Cave Taboo

If you're looking for Hazard's Dare, Ellora's Cave Moderne, it's available in ebook from EC and All Romance ebooks thus far. I'm patiently, actually impatiently, waiting for it to release from other 3rd party venues, which should be very, very soon. Hazard and Avery's book received a 5 Kisses/Recommended Read from Tangie at TwoLipsReviews!!! Take a gander:
Note that Hazard's Dare is not an Ink and Kink book, as it is intended to introduce a new cast of characters to readers. While you may see or hear of previously mentioned characters or story lines, Dare, Nevada is a whole new experience. Check it out!

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