Monday, October 28, 2013

Website Changes and Switch Master

Hi everyone,
I wanted to apologize for being so quiet as of late. Honestly, I've been writing, a lot. In my last post, I'd indicated that I recently signed a five book contract with Ellora's Cave, plus, I went to EC's RomantiCon2013.

These are all great things to share, and I'm wicked excited. I'm also thrilled to announce that due to the creative direction of my writing career, I've decided to revamp, renew, and reorganize my entire website and online identity.

It's so difficult these days to market oneself, especially with so many choices out there for readers from traditional and independent networks and authors. In light of this, note that my current website is terribly out of date, at least two book releases out of date and it's time to shake things up and go in a new direction.

The process will take time, as I naturally want this transition to be reader friendly as well as putting the best possible site up. This blog will remain an active part of my website, with monthly updates as needed to the site itself, and as-needed updates and news right here and easy to find.

Also, while I was at RomantiCon, I received the cover for Switch Master, Coming Soon from Ellora's Cave Taboo, the final installment of the Ink and Kink series, featuring Master Taran Maddox and switch-in-denial Samantha Riley, a Boston detective who has spent years cultivating a badass reputation.

Here's a gander at the cover!