Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pleasure Trove, Ellora's Cave Moderne! Blurb and Excerpt

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It's almost the end of August and I'm excited! Tomorrow Pleasure Trove, Ellora's Cave Moderne, releases and I wanted to share as much information as I can. After the book's release at EC, I expect it to be available through Amazon, ARe, Google Play/Books, and Barnes and Noble/Nook. Prices will vary and you might find the best price through Ellora's Cave directly and if you have a Kindle, yes, they have the right format for you to read, ditto for Nooks and iPads/Android devices.

Right now, I'd love to share a little background about Pleasure Trove, a blurb, an excerpt and the link. I'd also like to introduce you to Maksim Steel and Callie Andrews aka Calysta MacIntyre. Callie, a former undercover reporter for a small press newspaper in Baltimore, travels to Hollywood looking for answers regarding the mysterious death of her long-missing cousin. Her search takes her to adult film company Pleasure Trove. She never expects to meet charming and charismatic actor Maksim Steel, much less that she'd become his fluffer and the scorching hot affair that follows.

Maks has a secret! Many in fact, and he guards them zealously, even as he suspects that PT's new production assistant is far more than others may see. Still, he can't deny his attraction to her, or the fact that the 'rest' of him responds to her in ways that seasoned porn stars haven't been able to muster lately. Taking Calysta on as his fluffer, he quickly seduces her but warns not to expect fidelity or true intimacy. He never plans to fall for her.  For more, here's a blurb and a glimpse into their first meeting!

Pleasure Trove
Frances Stockton

Troubled by the death of her cousin, former undercover reporter Callie goes to Hollywood to find some answers. Her search takes her to adult film company Pleasure Trove.
Callie never expects to meet charismatic actor Maksim, much less become his fluffer! She’s quickly seduced, but he warns not to expect romance or fidelity. Despite the risk of heartbreak, Callie is drawn into Maks’ world of sin and seduction, engaging in sexual experiences she’d never dared before.
Soon, however, their affair strengthens, hinting of love. But when danger grows and Callie’s old column is cruelly exposed, they must face their demons, or risk losing everything.
Inside Scoop: Callie’s new career path leads to some interesting times, including participating in a hot ménage or two, complete with female/female sexual exploration.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

 “Mr. Erikson, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’ve brought your coffee orders,” she said to the director, silently reminding herself that she’d left Callie in Baltimore. “Where should I place them?”
Right here, right now, she needed to be Calysta MacIntyre, calm, cool and professional. That was until Sven Erikson moved away and a man stepped out from the screen and she momentarily forgot who she was.
Resembling a beautiful blond Greek god, he didn’t have a sprayed-on tan. Oh no, he was taller than Hardy by at least two inches, broad, built and sculpted with gorgeous wavy shoulder-length hair left wild and unbound.
Wearing nothing but bathing trunks, he filled out them out beautifully. His face, perfection, chiseled perhaps by the gods themselves.
Trembling nervously, Callie caught herself, waiting for the director to tell her what to do when the actor’s eyes met hers from across the room. He smiled, flashing perfectly white teeth and sending a sharp pang of sensation low in her belly.
For the longest time, they stared at each other, both seeming unwilling to look away. Tiny butterflies took flight within her, her heart thudding. This wasn’t just any actor, somewhere in her cluttered thoughts, she recognized him as Pleasure Trove’s leading man, Maksim Steel.
Okay, so she’d watched several of his movies on her trip to Los Angeles. Each time she stopped at a motel for a couple hours’ sleep, it was simply a matter of popping in a DVD in her computer. She’d told herself it was for research. Plus, he was a sexy, virile man with the biggest cock she’d ever seen in her entire life.
Holy cow, just like that, she was aroused simply from the memory of how well he’d performed in those flicks. The problem was the longer they stared at each other, the wetter she became. Shifting, she felt the telltale dampness of her panties even as her clit pulsed as if she’d gotten herself off.
No, oh no, she did not have a mini-orgasm simply because he smiled at her. That’d be too embarrassing for words.
“Ah, there you are, Ms. MacIntyre. I trust you found your way to the café?” Sven greeted. He was a good-looking man in a GQ kind of way, his sandy-brown hair neatly trimmed.
“GPS is a miraculous thing,” she said, steeling herself as the director came up to her. “Once everyone’s been served, is there anything else I can do for you? I’m quite handy with a hammer or finding props, though I may need someone to give me a tour later.”
“Be glad to assist, Ms. MacIntyre,” Hardy offered, grinning as he set his tray of coffee on a table near the sofa.
Frances Stockton
“Hardy, shouldn’t you get back to your post? I’ll have someone give Ms. MacIntyre a tour when there’s a break,” Sven said, stepping in closer than she expected. For a fraction of a second she thought his blue eyes scanned her from head to toe in a way he hadn’t done during her interviews.
“Shall I place this with the other tray?” Callie asked after Hardy left, intending to move out of the way when the brunette made a sudden beeline for the coffee tray in her hand.
“I hope you remembered to tell the barista to only use soy milk in my latte,” the actress sniped, managing to tip the tray so that it fell toward Callie, icy coffee splashing down the front of her.
The chill cut straight to the bone, stealing her breath. Miraculously, the lids on the hot coffees remained intact until the cups hit the floor and liquid went everywhere.
“Look what you’ve done!” the actress shouted upon realizing her short robe had been splashed. “Have you any idea the cost of this outfit?”
“I’ll be more than glad to have it cleaned for you or pay for a new one,” Callie offered, shivers setting in just as Maksim came charging up to yank the tray from her hands.
“Don’t concern yourself with Felicity. Are you burned, honey?” Maksim asked as he checked for damage, his big hands brushing up and down her bodice and coming a little too close to her breasts.
Sucking in a deep gasp and hoping he thought she was reacting to the cold drinks, she tried to catch his hands. The hell of it was she liked how he made her feel with the simplest of touches.
“I’m fine. It’s…cold more than anything,” she answered huskily, wondering where that voice came from. At five foot eleven in flat shoes, she was equal in height to the brunette, though Maksim’s size and height made her feel tiny, feminine.
“What the fuck was that, Felicity? You’re lucky you didn’t burn Ms. MacIntyre. Is that right?” Maksim asked Callie directly.
“My name’s Calysta,” she answered. “Please don’t fuss. I’m not hurt.”
“Sven, get Felicity out of my sight or I’m doing this scene with Veronica,” Maksim commanded, his vivid-green eyes narrowing, his lip curling in disdain.
“What!” Felicity screeched. “Sven wouldn’t dare cut me out of a scene for someone who’s barely elevated from fluffer status, Maksim.”
“It’s…okay, really, don’t change your scene. It was an accident,” Callie insisted, amazed that Maksim cared. No longer searching for injury or burn marks, he stroked. It felt so good she didn’t want him to stop.

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News: New Release and 50% Off!

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I know it's been a while since I've blogged, however, I've been busy through the summer with family vacations and writing! In fact, I've a new release coming this week! And I've some awesome news to share regarding the price of seven of my previous titles! Yes, seven books with Ellora's Cave have been reduced by 50% of the original retail price, books include Ink Master, Field of Play, Quarterback Blitz, Arrington's Claim, Sea Captain's Ghost, Rhiannon's Pride and, my first book, Seductive Persuasion! Prices range from less than $4.00-$1.00! These prices are available through EC, Amazon, ARe, Barnes and Noble, and Google Play! Visit my website for direct links:

My new book is Pleasure Trove, featuring an all-new cast of characters, and for now is a standalone, though who knows what the future could bring for some of them? Pleasure Trove features former investigative reporter Callie Andrews seeking answers as to how her long-missing cousin died in California. Her search takes her to Pleasure Trove, an adult film company.

She never expects to meet the enigmatic and charming Maksim Steel, much less become his fluffer, or the daring affair that results! For more information about Pleasure Trove, follow the link:

For a look at the cover, here you go!