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5 Nymph Review: Cuff Master

Woohoo! Hello everyone,
I'm celebrating some excellent news. Not only is it Friday, the weekend has arrived, football is coming up this weekend, and I'm a quarter finished my current WIP, featuring the youngest Maddox brother, Taran and his elusive switch, Detective Samantha Riley, Cuff Master received an excellent 5 Nymph review from Literary Nymphs Reviews!

Here's the link if you'd like to read what Amazon Nymph had to say:

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So happy to know that Amazon Nymph enjoyed reading Cuff Master and I sure hope you'll give Detective Ethan Maddox and his shy submissive, Morgan Everhart, the chance to win you over, too. For an excerpt: scroll down:

“Is there any woman more beautiful than Morgan Everhart?” Ethan Maddox asked his older brother in a hushed voice.

Not that there was a need to whisper. Music playing overhead covered the conversation perfectly and the entire restaurant of Druid Creek Castle Bed and Breakfast had been turned into a ballroom for Phalen and Cassie’s wedding reception.

“Frankly, I think my wife is the most beautiful woman I know,” Phalen answered. “But Morgan’s a knockout. Why not get off your ass and ask her to dance, bro?”

Ethan would rather take Morgan somewhere private and appreciate the way she looked in her dark-green halter-style velvet gown that hugged her tall willowy form perfectly. The narrow side-slit running from her ankle to her upper thigh gave an occasional glimpse of svelte legs that could surely wrap around a man’s waist for hours.

Her bare shoulders and long slender neck made him want to nip and lick all that exposed creamy soft skin, especially the gentle V of her cleavage, which accented perky breasts that weren’t overly large, but perfectly proportioned for her tall slender frame.

At a guess, he’d say she was a B-cup. He was good with that, already imagining all the ways to suckle on her perky nipples.

Her dark-auburn hair tended to look brown when it was down and in her face. Tonight it was pulled into some kind of fancy up-do. Pretty ringlets cascaded down to showcase a face that could have graced any high-fashion magazine. A guy could get lost in hair that when left long fell to her ass.

Currently, his new sister-in-law and the maid of honor were drawing people onto the dance floor, including football players and Cassie’s family. As Ethan was Phalen’s best man, it seemed unfair that he had to stand back and watch Morgan make some kind of dance with me gesture to a guy with long black and red-streaked hair.

It didn’t help that Morgan, who was normally shy around strangers, was perfectly at ease with the other man or that he looked vaguely familiar.

“Still with me, Ethan?” Phalen asked, nudging him back to the present. “Go ask Morgan to dance.”

“She’ll just say no. She’s still pissed at me for what happened six fucking months ago.” He had noticed the occasional glance in his direction. Each time he looked back, she’d scowl and turn away.

“You’ll never know if you stand here doing nothing. As it is, she might dance with that black-haired dude. You want that?”

“Who is that guy? If I’m going to punch him in the nose for touching what’s mine, I might as well know.”

“Name’s Remington Sinclair, goes by Remy,” Phalen answered. “He’s a friend of Morgan’s from that ghost hunting reality TV show that’s taken New England by storm recently. They’re all here. Cassie invited them on Morgan’s behalf.”

“Sinclair’s a local celebrity,” Ethan complained.

“Yep, but if you hit him, he’ll hit back, and then there’s going to be a fight that I can’t avoid. Think my wife wants to deal with that on our wedding night?”

“No, I’ll avoid trouble, don’t worry. Except…if I dance with her, I won’t let go. Know what I mean?”

“If you want her, claim her. Just don’t hold too tightly or flip out when she does her psychic thing. You do, she’ll bolt.”

“She’s been doing that since I fucked up that night she passed out in Cassie’s diner. She’s blocked me from texting her and she doesn’t return my calls.”

“Cassie told me that Morgan can’t read you and it’s something she’s never known with another man. That scares her. Maybe there’s a reason for it.”

“What kind of reason? As if I’m her soul mate or something?”

“Something like that, yeah.”

“That belongs in one of those vampire novels Morgan likes to read,” Ethan said.

Phalen clapped his big hand on Ethan’s shoulder. At six-five, he was the same height as his older brother. A lot of people thought he was shorter because Phalen was a tad more muscular and slightly broader at the shoulders.

“How do you know what she likes to read?” Phalen asked, squeezing his hand to bring Ethan back to the conversation.

“I don’t know. I just know it as strongly as I know she also reads books on history, antiques and archaeology. She does so to follow up on impressions she gets on objects.”

“Then maybe you do believe in her gift after all?”

“Sam Riley and I listened to a psychic once. It led to a botched case and eight dead girls, including the one we were supposed to save!”

“A lot of psychics are full of shit. Morgan’s the real deal. Go talk to her. She wants you to. She keeps looking over here.”

Phalen gave Ethan a none-too-gentle shove toward the dance floor. With that, he was across the floor, sent off Remy Sinclair with a glare and the music switched to something slow and subtle.

Approaching her seemed as natural as breathing. “May I have this next dance, Morgan?” he asked, offering his hand to her and hoping to God she accepted it. Every dominant male instinct he possessed screamed for him to grab her up off the dance floor and head for the nearest room upstairs

“Your obligation as the best man ended with the toast,” she said, her gorgeous chocolate-brown eyes luminous from the glow of twinkling white lights strewn about the room.

“My obligation as your man began when I kissed you awake months ago,” he countered the moment Morgan placed her hand in his.

Tightening his hold ever so slightly, he drew her to the middle of the dance floor and gently brought her closer. She flowed forward, her gracefulness evident regardless of the fashionable narrow heels she wore on her feet.

Even though she was five-ten and her shoes gave her two inches more height, he was taller, altogether bigger and he felt as powerful as a Celtic god with her slighter, subtle curves pressed up against his hard muscular body.

She was soft. He was hard. She was sweet. He was enthralled.

“For the record, I’m not an obligation, Ethan Maddox,” Morgan stated, even as she settled in closer.

Jesus, she smelled like jasmine, all spicy and exotic and tempting. Her lips, painted with just the right amount of rosy lipstick, were perfectly plump and bow-shaped. It was all he could do not to kiss her right then and there.

“Denial will only work for so long,” he said. “Feel how right it is for us to be this close? Tell me you don’t want to be in my arms and I’ll let you go.”

Morgan stared up at him. His more dominant personality wanted to challenge her to see exactly how long she’d stare back and who’d break first. It wasn’t going to be him.

He recognized a submissive when he saw one. When she wasn’t aware of it, he’d heard Cassie and Morgan confiding in each other as only best friends could. He spied the longing in her eyes whenever Phalen took Cassie to the basement of Ink Masters.

Ethan knew in his gut that Morgan was meant to be his submissive and that scared her just as much as her inability to read him. If she consented to enter a dungeon, it would be with him as her Master.

“I don’t want you to let me go,” Morgan finally admitted, breaking eye contact to look beyond his shoulder as a submissive flush stole over her high cheekbones. Her exotic chocolate eyes, flawless skin, kissable lips and hairstyle reminded him of a mystical elf straight out of a Tolkien novel.

Ask him later what song was playing, he’d have no idea. All he cared about was having Morgan nestled up nice and close. Her breath was as sweet as spearmint and the green crystal pendant she wore between the swell of her breasts tagged him in the sternum from time to time.

The pendant got warm from their combined body heat. The warmer he felt, the hotter his groin was, the heavier his erection became. If he wasn’t careful, Morgan would unman him without even breaking a sweat.

“Put your arms around me,” Ethan urged, realizing she’d been waiting for his permission to touch him back. She may not have been aware of it, but she’d just passed a test that made him want her even more.

Blushing prettily, Morgan lifted her hands and placed them on his shoulders. “Like this, Detective?”

“Yeah, that’s nice,” Ethan said.

“I’m better at fast dancing than slow dancing,” she admitted quietly.

“Thread your fingers behind my neck.” Her hands left his shoulders and cupped the back of his neck exactly as he’d asked. “That’s it, like that.”

His heart skipped a few beats when she smiled earnestly. She was so damn pretty, he was smitten. No other word seemed right, smitten was it.

“Surely you know how to dance with me, Morgan. You danced with a bunch of football players at Grace and Dallas McKay’s wedding and most of the guests here tonight. You move very well.”

“I didn’t slow dance with any of them,” she murmured shyly, casting her eyes right to the floor.

“What’s that? Look at me and say it so I can hear you properly.”

Obediently, she lifted her chin, her eyes connecting with his. Nervously, she nibbled on her lower lip and he swore she’d just kicked him in the nuts.

“I didn’t slow dance with any of those men. I’ve never slow danced,” Morgan admitted.

Hell, his hard-on was pressing against his zipper just to get closer to the warm nest of soft auburn curls covering her mound. How Ethan knew Morgan’s mound was unshaven, he couldn’t say.

What he knew was that no other man had had the privilege of dancing face-to-face, hip to hip, chest to breasts with her. He wanted to cheer and pound his fists against his chest just to show Remy that not even a celebrity had danced with Morgan.

“Really?” he whispered.

“I’m not very experienced with men like you, Ethan. Most guys think I’m weird. I get it. I know.”

“Whoever you dated before me should be hung, drawn and quartered for making you think that.”

She stiffened and frowned. Ethan wanted to kick his own ass. What had he said?

“Like I said, I’m weird,” she remarked, wrinkling her nose in a way that was undeniably cute.

“You’re beautiful. Kindly don’t put yourself down around me. It’ll piss me off. That’s one thing you really don’t want to do.”

“You’d never hurt me,” she challenged.

“Not in any way that would harm you, no. But if you keep flirting with Remy Sinclair, I’m going to make sure you don’t sit right for a week.”

Morgan shook her head as if she couldn’t believe he’d just promised her a spanking if she flirted with Remy again. And she could be sure he would honor that promise.

“Even though he’s tall, dark and hot, he’s a friend, Ethan, nothing more. He wants my expertise for his show.”

Jealousy lanced through Ethan’s heart and aimed right for his balls, gripping so tight he had to grit his teeth to keep from finding the nearest chair so he could teach Morgan a lesson she’d never forget.

For a virgin to the lifestyle, she instinctively knew how to test her Dom. “Honey, that man wants you in his bed. I don’t need to be psychic to know that.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Detective. He knows my stance on that subject and hasn’t once stepped over the line. He’s a good guy. You should get to know him.”

“Why? So you can get my permission to date him? Not going to happen.”

“You’re being intentionally difficult. I’m done with this dance,” she decided, making an attempt to free herself.

Ethan tightened his arms about her trim waist and kept her nestled right up against him. “Stay with me. I haven’t said you could go anywhere. You want to run away because you’re scared of how you feel around me. Admit it.”

“Anyone tell you that you’re as arrogant as Phalen and as much of a pain in the ass as Taran?” She lifted her chin defiantly. Her shoulders were straight and spine set. If she radiated any more tension, Ethan feared she might snap.

“The three of us are alike in many ways, I’ll grant you that. But I’m my own man. Admit how you feel about me.”

“And feed your ego? Not.” She tossed her head, the intricate topknot of long auburn hair barely even budging. Morgan could be a saucy little thing when she wanted to be and always sexy as hell.

“It’s the magic of hairspray and a lot of carefully placed bobby pins,” she said after he’d stared at her hair for a minute to see how the style survived that display of attitude. “No magic or supernatural energy was spent on the outcome of this hairstyle.”

“It looks real pretty. I like it. But I prefer when you wear it long. Can’t wait to bury my hands and face in it.”

“Try that tonight and you’ll end up scratching your eyes out or cutting yourself. As it is, it’ll take some heavy-duty shampooing to get it back to normal.”

“Any chance I can help with that? I’ve excellent hands. Besides, I wouldn’t want you to suffer an injury if you attempt to unravel that topknot alone.”

Morgan did something she rarely did with him these days. She smiled. Along with the healthy flush warming her pretty face, her even white teeth were perfect and made him think of places on his body she was more than welcome to nibble at will.

“My goodness, Maddox charm didn’t skip a generation at all with you. Don’t worry, Detective, I’m twenty-eight, I can handle showering all on my own,” she answered, seeming unaware that even as she refused his help in the shower, she’d nodded yes.

“Say my name, Morgan.”

“I’ve said it before.”

“Do it anyway. I like the sound of it coming from your lips.” Unfortunately, his attempt to charm fell flat. Not because he wasn’t making progress, but because the couples on the dance floor started gyrating to LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem”.

“Slow song’s ended, Ethan. You can let go now.”

“Song may have ended, but I’m not letting go anytime soon. Come with me.”

Drawing back a few steps, he kept her hand in his and guided her away from the crowd and through a side door meant for the wedding party to use.

“Where are we going?” Morgan demanded, stalling when they were halfway to freedom.

“Outside to decorate Phalen’s SUV,” Ethan answered.

“Shouldn’t we get the rest of the wedding party?”

“They can dance the night away.” Ethan slowed down and their steps evened up.

Letting go of her in order to whip off his tux jacket and place it around her shoulders before they reached the exit, he didn’t expect her to halt in her tracks when he tried to open the door.

“What’s the matter, sweetie?”

Her face froze for a moment, as if she was getting lost in one of her trances, and he feared she was getting a migraine. He hated when she got sick. It was the part of her psychic world he dreaded because he didn’t want her to suffer even the slightest bit of pain.

“No, there’s so much activity in this castle and your jacket is a rental. Usually, I can compartmentalize everything, same as reading chapters in a book. Right now I feel those who’ve worn this coat before you. It even smells like…apples. Can you touch the sleeve of this jacket or me?”

Frowning, he took her hand and her smile returned. “Does this help?”

“Yes.” Morgan looked up at him. The gratitude in her eyes made him feel as if he’d become her champion. “Thank you. Let’s get the decorating stuff.”

Since she benefitted from his touch, he figured he might as well keep it up and tucked his arm around her waist as they walked out into the chilly early fall evening.

A full moon lit up the parking lot as he led Morgan to his Acura TL. Once there, he checked to make sure no one was around and brought her up against his much bigger frame.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re beautiful, Morgan?”

“Ah, no, not really, and you’re being silly.” Playfully tagging him on the shoulder, Morgan tried to shimmy out of reach, but he caught the lapels of his jacket and kept her from escaping.

Ethan wasn’t having it. Tonight he’d decided to lay claim to Morgan. Now was the time to act on it. “When I’m done kissing you, you’ll know I’m not silly at all.”

Touching his free hand to her chin, he kept her still, or she stayed still, he wasn’t sure. The next thing he knew, his head was lowering closer and she’d lifted up on her toes.

“Always wanted to know what it would be to be kissed by Ethan Maddox when I was awake,” she whispered a second before Ethan laid claim to the sweetest, fullest, sexiest mouth he’d ever had the pleasure of kissing.

She tasted like an angel, with hints of mint and innocence. Already half in love with her, the reality of having their mouths fused together threatened to make him fall completely.

Wanting to deepen the kiss, he swiped her lips with his tongue, demanding entrance. Shyly, she complied, as if she wasn’t quite sure what to do. It was both eye-opening and challenging to break through that timid barrier with a swift dart of his tongue.

She made a sexy little mewl and that was all Ethan needed to crush her completely up against him. Turning her about, he leaned into her until her back was flush against his car. The move forced their mouths to separate.

Checking to be sure she wasn’t alarmed by what they were doing, he saw her enticing eyes and sexy smile and swooped down to kiss her again.

“Ethan,” she whispered, the fluttering of her soft lips against his as sexy as fuck.

“Morgan,” he said, countering her movements with some bottom-lip sucking action. The sexy little minx arched back as much as the car allowed, her legs separating as he fitted himself right up between her thighs.

“Feel that?”

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