Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Blog Feature: Hump Day Hunk-Joe M.

Instead of the usual promotion and posts about books, buy links and reviews, Wednesdays on this blog will have a new feature. Hump Day Hunks!

Every Wednesday, I'll delightedly post a man worthy of a day dedicated to him! He may be a movie star, a male cover model, a singer, or in the occassional break from tradition, a whole band of hunks!

To that end, today, 10-12-2012, the Hump Day Hunk chosen is Joe Manganiello! I'll stop here and admit one thing right now, I've never watched an episode of True Blood. However, I know that many think of him as Alcide, and that's perfectly logical. If you're a fan of Joe M. because of True Blood, horray, you know who I'm talking about.

Joe was also one of the dancers/actors in the movie Magic Mike, portraying 'Big Dick Richie'! To follow his page, click the link provided and learn more about this fascinating actor.

While this day's post is dedicated to him, here's the photo that drew me as an author to him! I'm a big fan of the beard-shadow that seems so very male!!

So, in honor of Joe, feel free to comment and show him some love! Even if he doesn't see it, the world needs a little more love and feel-good stories and blog posts right now. Share what you think.

Are you a Joe Manganiello fan?

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