Friday, September 28, 2012

The Maddox Brothers

Hello and TGIF from rainy New England!

As it is raining and an early fall morning walk isn't an option, I thought I'd write about three of my favorite heroes, the Maddox brothers, Phalen, Ethan and Taran. Having grown up in South Boston, or Southie as the Maddox men would say, they are incredibly loyal to all things Boston, the Red Sox, the Patriots, Celtics and Bruins.

After having lost their parents when the oldest, Phalen, was in college, he was charged with taking care of his slightly younger brothers and assuring their futures. Taking after his Alpha father, Phalen was drawn to the BDSM lifestyle and became a Master who instructs Dominants, male or female, on the safe and proper techniques of bondage and discipline. He's also handed this trait down to his brothers. Ethan and Taran have their own dungeons, their own fetishes, and their own favorite ways of enganging in D/s relationships.

First introduced in Quarterback Blitz, an Ellora's Cave Sophisticate available in print and ebook from EC, ARe, B&N, Amazon, Sony and Kobo, Phalen became an instant reader-favorite! Truth be told, he become my favorite, too.

Phalen is also a former Airborne Ranger who nearly lost his life on a Special Ops mission. Today he is a private investigator who operates out of his tattoo and body art shop in Salem, MA, Ink Master.

To learn more about Phalen and his submissive-in-denial heroine, Cassie, visit or

As I began writing Ink Master, Phalen's younger brothers came into focus and in my writer's imagination, became very significant. Like Phalen, Ethan and Taran regard family, friendship, loyalty, and justice as character traits. Their combined likeness for tattooing, born from their father, a Vietnam vet who opened a tattoo shop in Boston after the war, and each one has ink work that expresses their individuality and their likenesses.

Detective Ethan Maddox and his heroine, shy psychic Morgan Everhart, became significant in Ink Master, and now in Cuff Master, their HEA has been told. Ethan is the middle Maddox, the even-tempered, logical detective is skeptic of all things supernatural, yet he is drawn to Morgan instantly.  To find out about Ethan and Morgan, follow the link to their blurb:

Now, I admit that Taran Maddox's story has yet to be told. However, that doesn't mean his hasn't begun. Taran's the youngest at 30 years old who passed the Bar and is now a practicing attorney. Taran's the rebel and troublemaker, and yet, he is a peacemaker and an outstanding litigator in the courtroom. Outside of the courtroom, he'd prefer to be working in the Boston tattoo shop or riding his Harley or winning the heart of the woman who caught his eye months ago.

Of course, I'd love to tell you more about Taran, but that would be like telling the end of the story before the beginning, wouldn't it? So now that you've learned about the Maddox brothers, I hope you'll give them a try if you haven't.

Before I sign off for a bit, here's are Phalen and Ethan's covers! Enjoy.

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  1. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this whole series! I first read Ink Master and was seriously hooked and didn't realize I should have started with Quarterback Blitz to be introduced to all the characters (well most of them) bc it would have been a good start for the rest of the books if I did. Then went on to read Field of Play, Playing Doctor, and was so excited to read Cuff Master that after I read it, I wanted to reread each book all over again in order...and so I did! I am chomping at the bit for Taran and Sams Story! I love romance stories that have more than just hot crazy sex because you can get great character development other than their great in bed. Each story deals with real time and real scenarios like celebrity stalkers, cold cases and so on. You didn't gloss over the "drama" that happens to the characters in the story, when reading each story I started to bond and understand these characters POV in whatever situation they were in. Yeah the love scenes and kink scenes are definitely hot *fanning myself* but when S*** hits the fan it's not ignored and it keeps you glued to the story. I love your writing style, character development. No beating around the bush for the love interest to admit they have feeling until your half way through the book (hate that) or if a character is so emotionally damaged that you want to scream at them bc they don't want to get over themselves when people want to help them and thank you for not having angsty characters! Love these characters, love these books, keep up the great work!!